Moving Day (R) Twin Cities

Sharon, her daughter Gina, and son Matt, who serves on the NPFM Board of Directors
Sharon, her daughter Gina, and son Matt, who serves on the NPFM Board of Directors

Present Power for Parkinson's


Welcome to our Moving Day Twin Cities Team Page!


We are walking in honor of Sharon Ryan-Olin -- mom, wife, friend to many, and all around Positive Person with Parkinson's.  With Parkinson's, many aspects of the disease are out of your control.  The one thing you can control is your positive attitude about PD.  


Parkinson’s disease is tough, but people with Parkinson’s, their caregivers, and family members are even tougher.


Minnesota has one of the three highest incidence rates of Parkinson's disease in the US.  In the US, 50,000-60,000 new cases of Parkinson's disease (PD) are diagnosed each year, adding to the 1MM+ people who currently have PD.


Join Sharon's team for the National Parkinson Foundation Minnesota (NPFM) Moving Day® walk.  NPFM is leading the way for improving care for Parkinson's in the Upper Midwest.  Your support will help NPFM continue improving the quality of care for those living with Parkinson's disease and enable patients and families to live well with this disease.

Your support helps NPFM drive awareness and outreach with innovative programs, including: 

-  A leading Clinical Advisory Board to improve care and outcomes across the upper Midwest

-  Distribution of Aware in Care hospital kits to train hositpal and nursing staff on PD care 

-  Launch of "Parkinson's Friendly Communities" to impact change at a community level


Thank you for supporting us and the vital work of the National Parkinson Foundation Minnesota.


To become a member of our team please select the 'Join Team' link.

To donate or visit a team members personal page please click on their name under the Team Roster.


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