Moving Day Boca Raton

My name is John Zells and I have YOPD, I was diagnosed at 32 and am now 42. First and foremost, I want to thank you all for your willingness to support the "Moving Day Boca Raton". This cause is obviously very near and dear to my heart; I can't really put into words how much it means to me! All donations for this event will go to The Parkinson's Foundation, my team is “”.


In February of 2019 I had successful bilateral DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery. Following my surgery, I created a Facebook support group page for Florida residents suffering from Parkinson's, that have or have not had DBS, their family and friends I invite you to join. Having a PD community via social media has proven to be an empowering resource through my journey with PD.


“” is a foundation that I am in the process of establishing that will provide financial assistance to patients that are prequalified for DBS surgery at one of the 40 Parkinson's Disease Centers of Excellence in the US. My goal is to provide financial assistance to qualified patients, anything from surgery copays (which even though the surgery is covered by insurance still ranges from $5-30K) to travel and recovery expenses would be considered.


DBS surgery is a two-step procedure, with a week of recovery between surgeries. So, for anyone traveling, and most will have to travel, I would like to secure Air BnB type housing for recovery for the patient and their loved ones. Even with the best insurance, unless there is a complication, only a one-night stay is allowed in the hospital.


Within 5 years I would like to expand this to include a variety of procedures, again with the surgeries performed at centers of excellence for that particular condition or ailment



We also aspire to implement blockchain technology so donors can follow their donations!

John Zells

Patient Ambassador 

Boston Scientific


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Moving Day Boca Raton

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