Moving Day San Jose - Virtual Walk

With members of the Posse 2019
With members of the Posse 2019

Pops' Posse

Welcome to the 2020 edition of Pops' Posse Team Page,

This past year was filled with some good times, some challegning events and through it all Pops' has mangaged pretty well.  Parkinsons' is like the annoying third person in a realationship that is always there even on the good days. It seems to be waiting for any moment where it can come in and spoil all fun or take over the day,  but it's what we live with every single day. Yes,I do mean us, we are in this together and Parkinson's affects me as well. Not in the physical way of course, but I am affected also.

We work really hard at keeping it real and keeping our sense of humor! Thank goodness we both have a wonderfully dark sense of humor and when PD is taking over an activity or moment we get through it in part by laughing, finding that one detail we can find the humor in and then laugh, a good belly laugh, which helps take the sting away and lowers our blood pressure to boot!

For Easa aka Chris Sr. aka Pops, the non-motor aspects of this sneaky disease is what plagues him the most. The very soft voice, changes in his handwriting, leaning to the pont of tipping over sometimes, slowness of movement, fatigue, forgetfulness, just to mention a few. All that being said, he works everyday to keep it a bay the best he can, working on slowing it down and that is awesome and takes so much out of him, but he does it.

Parkinson's is not an easy condition to name and there is no cure, ever so often we see or hear of someone getting close, but not happening. There isn't even a way to test for Parkinson's, it's more of a process of checking what it is not, that being said, progress in being able to test for it is closer to becoming a reality than curing or even coming up with medicaitions that actually work on keeping it in check. Right now the only meds available are for the various symptoms.

So please join us in this fun filled, information filled day either by becoming a team member or by supporting a member.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I will be happy to help.



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Moving Day San Jose - Virtual Walk

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