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This year, the Movers and Shakers of Baton Rouge is honoring Carol Harrison. Not only is she being honored by our Parkinson’s Support Group, but also, she is being honored at the entire Moving Day Baton Rouge event. Most of you  know Carol, but may not know what an impact she made in the Parkinson’s disease community.    Read her bio below to understand why she is being honored at Moving Day in Baton Rouge.

Carol Harrison has changed the Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Community in Baton Rouge for the better in the past ten years. A trained PD research advocate, she never missed an opportunity to promote  participation in research whenever possible.  She was the force  behind creating our support group, the Movers and Shakers. Carol led the group by welcoming  new members warmly and  genuinely caring  about everyone.  She  called families to keep up with everyone and sent  condolences when there was a death.  Carol has been a role model with her  positive attitude and leadership and people skills.

Carol has written articles promoting PD support groups in Baton Rouge,  set up  information tables at the parish library, and held “round table discussions” for People Living With  Parkinson’s Disease  (PLWPD) and their caregivers about opportunities to participate in research to find a cure for PD.  Through  her  tenacity, she  managed to get the medical and research communities to join forces to put on an annual conference for the past eight years.  Each year over 400 PLWPD and caregivers have attended.  Many of the participants are attending for the first time and have recently been diagnosed with PD.  Local and national speakers and resources are featured.

 Carol is very deserving to be honored at our second annual Moving Day to be held in Baton Rouge, on Saturday, April 25, 2020.   

Please join the Movers and Shakers Team.  Consider donating to Carol Harrison  so we can make her a Top Fundraiser this year.


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Moving Day Baton Rouge - Virtual Walk

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