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Easa aka Chris aka Pops has being living with PD for longer than he has be diagnosed, it was hard to hear that it was PD and not some random easily fixable condition. Over the years he as accepted that this is a part of his life, we both have accepted it, because it doesn't just affect him but everyone in his life.

Parkinson's can rob you of so much, if you allow it to, being a fighter is paramount and Pops is that! Exercise is critical, it helps in so many ways. Support is key, being able to share your feelings, thoughts, fears, changes, with others who are going through the same yet differently is so helpful. You don't feel so alone.

They say that 'If you know one person with Parkinson's, you know one person with Parkinson's" while that is very true, sharing experiences helps everyone.

In the last two years, Pops has been working so hard and it has paid off. In the last year he has added a different PD exercise class and joined a support group, actually we have both joined the support group. I have joined an additional one for Care Givers only which has been very helpful for me.

Knowledge is power, knowing how to use that power is so very very important. PD doesn't just  mean  a person has tremors, a different gait, or any of the other typical signs. PD has a host of non-movement conditions that can be more impactful that the movement conditions.

If you can, please join Pop's Posse at Evergreen College for the San Jose Moving Day on June 1, 2019. We had a blast last year and this year will be even better. If you can't join us, please consider making a donation to a team member. Pop's is listed as Easa on the team roster, if you would like to donate in his name. Any amount is welcome.

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