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We Love Boo-Bah

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 In 2006 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In 2002 I can remember telling my General Practitioner that when I would roll over at night my left arm would shake. Possibly telling me I had Parkinson at least that far back. Like many people, I had very little knowledge of what Parkinson’s Disease was. I can remember watching Muhammad Ali in 1996 lighting the Olympic torch and telling my wife Diana how devastating that was and I sure hope I would never have something like that.

Like most people with Parkinson’s Disease, when I was diagnosed I thought it was the end of the world and I would probably be bed ridden in a couple of years. Little did I know that after 13 years I am still standing and am able to function relatively well. I have definitely been blessed. I am now passionate about raising awareness about Parkinson’s Disease…something I struggle with every day, yet, YOU know I won’t let it beat me. 

When  first diagnosed I didn’t know where to turn.  Diana and I researched a lot of information and found that the Parkinson’s Foundation had many educational resources to help both of us understand what this disease entails, and, more importantly, hope was instilled when we both realized I could live a quality life.  Exercise, staying active and moving is the ‘key’ to slowing the progression of the symptoms.  While I don’t have noticeable tremors, which most individuals think of when they hear about someone being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, know that there are many more symptoms associated with this devastating disease.

 I would welcome you to join or donate to my team for the upcoming Moving Day Winston-Salem event on Saturday, April 27 from 9am – 12 noon at Bailey Park in Winston-Salem.  Last year Diana was the volunteer chair of this inaugural event and she now works for the Parkinson’s Foundation.  It was one of the most empowering events I ever attended because it brought together scores of people with Parkinson’s and their family, friends and colleagues.  This year will be even better because there are new events planned including Parkinson’s Pals (kid area) where children will learn about why a family member or someone they know always falls down, can’t walk at times, has a hard time talking, shakes and rolls all over the place and etc. and etc. Due to the people I have met with Parkinson, their caregivers and family members, it has made me realize that my calling in life is to talk to and try to help others with this disease. Those of you that have known me for many years will laugh, but believe it or not I have talked to many support groups in North and South Carolina.

 Click on this link to join our team and/or make a donation.  Know that every dollar helps us raise awareness about a disease that is the second most commonly diagnosed neurological disease after Alzheimer’s. 

Click here to join or donate to Family & Friends for Vhat's a Boo-Bah

I appreciate your support and more importantly, your friendship.


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