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Welcome to our Moving Day Team Page! Please support us!

This year we will not be participating in the Moving Day Pittsburgh walk, benefiting the National Parkinson Foundation Western Pennsylvania Chapter on September 27th, 2014, at HIGHLAND PARK RESERVOIR. But, we still want to raise money for Parkinson's!


- To become a member of TEAM BJAY, please select the 'Join Team' link.

- To donate, please click on our personal page name (Brian & Kelly Jay) and then click on: DONATE TO BRIAN & KELLY JAY!

Thank you so much for your support, help and donations! We appreciate it!! XXOO


The Jays :)

Brian was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease in his early 20's. While most mornings/days can be a bit of struggle for him (especially when his medicine hasn't kicked in), he still stays positive through it all. He had DBS surgery in 2010...that helped decrease some of his symptoms, but it does not cure Parkinson's Disease. He never let's Parkinson's defeat him!  


"Acceptance doesn't 
mean resignation. 
It mean
that something
is what it is and
theres got to be
a way through it."

Moving Day is a family (and now pet) friendly event that provides music, entertainment, fun and games for people of all ages and abilities. In addition to the walk, participants can get involved in yoga, dance, stretching activities and chair-based exercises within the Movement Pavilion to keep in step with the day’s theme of celebrating movement.

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