Moving Day® Miami

ParkOptimist Miami

Dear Family and Friends:

Welcome to our Moving Day Team Page.  ParkOptimist Miami is one of the largest support groups and chapters of the National Parkinson Foundation with over a hundred members.

Every Wednesday, usually about 50 of us meet at the St. Matthews Church on Sunset Drive in South Miami. ParkOptimist is not like other support groups.  It is an upbeat, positive group. Each person truly cares for each of their fellow members. It is a happy, warm environment that everybody enjoys and looks forward to.

Each week, we have Music Therapy and Chair and Standing Yoga. Once a month we engage in Dance and Art Therapy.  Our teachers/therapists are top-notch and help the members both physically and mentally.

We also have speakers, dine-outs and field trips.

Last year, we raised over $10,000 for Moving Day.  It was an entirely grass roots effort.  This year, we hope to raise more money by broadening our fundraising horizons.  You can help us in several ways.  First, join our team (see link), second, donate any amount you feel comfortable with (see link) and third come to Moving Day and the other events we have planned to help raise funds for Moving Day. You will be notified of those events in the very near future.

Please help us make Moving Day a success for ParkOptimist Miami and the National Parkinson Foundation.

Thank You,

Joe Glick

Team Captain


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