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Martini Shakers

Welcome to the Martini Shakers Team Page!


Illinois Team Captain     Amanda Baittie


Honorary U.S. Co-Captains


Alabama         Fred and Ruth Straka

Alaska             Jo Purnell-Johnson

Arizona            Doug and Sue Stegemoller

Arkansas        Lisa Cooper

California        David Klein

Colorado         Gayna Warren

Connecticut     Robert DeLuryea

Delaware       Diane Callaway

Florida         Holly Capek-Hutchinson

Georgia           Sara Moss & Betty Rowley

Hawaii            Andrew Perez

Idaho             Lois Santillanes

Indiana           Robin Guiden

Iowa            Kerry Boysen Rueffer

Kansas         Terri Derendinger

Kentucky       Sharon Tabor

Louisiana        Mark and Cherie Sahr

Maine              Alison Jacoby

Maryland        Ken Karlic

Massachusetts  Beth Curtis Navas

Michigan        Mary Lee Orr

Minnesota      Karen Lewis

Mississippi       Pam Posey

Missouri          Kathy Heintz

Montana          Jeri Hanel  and  Anthony & Holly Power

Nebraska       Lola Young

Nevada      Keith Wisniewski

New Hampshire    Karen Jacoby

New Jersey   Gary Rafaloff

New Mexico     Jane Montgomery Tegmeyer

New York     Carolina Knutson Torbet

North Carolina  Mary Northcott Cowden

North Dakota     Len Mcmillan

Ohio                 Norma Mercurio

Oklahoma          Susan Carlisle Miller

Oregon           Connie Schwendemann

Pennsylvania       Bill & Corinne Werkherser and Jennifer Meier

Rhode Island        Ann Thacher

South Carolina  Mary Ellen Arboe

South Dakota     Shirley Ann Povandra

Tennessee    Thomas Eckhardt

Texas           Jeff Bosh

Utah             Missy Mumford

Vermont         Susan Boyd

Virginia         Patty Jackson Shockley

Washington     Melissa Granick

West Virginia      Angie McBee Hott

Wisconsin     Nancy Robjohns

Wyoming       Gail Schnorenberg & Ruth Putnam

Honorary International Co-Captains

Austria     Carl & Christine McCollum

Canada     Elvi & Maryanne Basso

England    Ian & Paula Page

Netherlands     Mariëtte Robijn

South Africa    Lorraine Cronje

Walking in the Spirit of Togetherness


Sunday, October 19th, 2014 is the third annual Moving Day Chicago Walk for Parkinson’s. It is a 1-day walk held in Lincoln Park in Chicago to raise awareness for Parkinson’s, promote the benefits of moving for PD patients and to generate funds for research.


In 2013, the second Moving Day Chicago Walk raised over $350,000 for Parkinson’s research. Our team, The Martini Shakers contributed over $13,000 towards that goal.


This year, the overall goal is greater at $425,000 and our team goal is to contribute more as well. But not only financially. This year I would like The Martini Shakers to accomplish something very unique. Something no other team has ever done. Something that says more about peoples love for each other than just through dollars. I would like to show that a cause, can connect people. And through those connections ANYTHING is possible.


My hope is to have each and every person who visits here will be a team member on The Martini Shakers. Regardless of what state you are in or what country you are in, we want you on our team. Ultimately, I would like an honorary co-captain from every state in the United States and as many countries as possible too. Please help me make this dream a reality.


In return not only will your name be listed on the Moving Day Chicago web site team roster but your name will be printed on our team t-shirt and event signage.

Connect not Collect


Registration is free and you are NOT required to fund raise to be a team member on The Martini Shakers. We obviously would encourage and love for you to do so for the benefit of Parkinson’s research and patients but it is not required. Our first goal is to unite people in a cause through the spirit of togetherness. I want to promote that the collective energy of love and people can work miracles. A willingness to come together is a first step.

If you choose to fund raise on behalf of the Martini Shakers and you raise $100 in donations, not only will you earn a free Moving Day Chicago t-shirt but you will also earn a free Martini Shakers t-shirt as well. Additionally, if you raise $200 in donations you will receive a Martini Shakers sweatshirt and for $500 in donations you will receive a custom printed silver Martini Shakers martini shaker. Otherwise shirts can be purchased for $25, sweatshirts for $50 and martini shakers for $100 directly rom me.


If you are from out of state, please note on your "my page" what state you are representing so I can list you here.

Why join us?


So let’s assume you can’t come to Chicago for our Moving Day Walk. You might be saying to yourself, “Why?  Why should I join Martini Shakers? I won’t really be participating in the walk so it seems kind of foolish for me to join.”


I kindly disagree.


You will be participating. You will be walking with me. The spirit of love for others and putting out a positive message transcends any distance. You will definitely be with me in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers as I walk. And the people in Chicago will know about you too, because this has never been done before.


Over the past six months of writing and soul searching one of the big personal discoveries I have made for myself is that there is a light glowing deep inside of me. The light is the spirit of love and every time I connect with someone and see the light in them, my light grows a little brighter. I want to see that light spread to other people and help them remember the best part of themselves.


Getting involved can do that. For Parkinson’s patients it’s empowering. It allows you to be an active part in managing your disease. You’re actually contributing to the effort to find a cure as opposed to simply waiting for it. It introduces you to a community that you are already a part of. And best of all, by getting involved, the life you end up changing may just be your own.


Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe people won’t want to do this with me. But to me it’s worth a try. I’ve learned that the universe holds endless gifts for everyone. An abundance of riches. You simply need to ask.


So I am asking. I’m asking you to please join our team and walk with us in the spirit of togetherness.


There is a tagline that goes along with the Moving Day Walk that says, “People Who Move Change the World”.


If anything I have written over the past 6 months has moved you, then I’d love for you to join me in changing the world. The first step is easy.

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