Moving Day Orlando

Team Shake n' Bake

Two years ago, my family’s life would change without a warning. My father was diagnosed with a young onset of Parkinson’s disease at the age of 56. He was having tremors, a gait to his walk, and his slowed movement became noticeable. 

Currently, my father is on a waiting list for a clinical trial in Pittsburgh, PA. It is an operation which consists of taking pressure off of a blood vessel in the brain which may relieve Parkinson’s symptoms.  The research is still “on hold” pending the appropriate funding and other approvals.

Some of you may have met my dad and know how active he is. Never missed a sporting event (even practices) of my sister and mine. He was always there to support us and now it is our turn to return the appreciation.


Come out and join our crazy team and have a fun day! If you are unable to attend the walk, my family greatly appreciates any size donation!


- TEAM SHAKE 'N BAKE (One of my dads favorite movies, Talladega Nights) "If you ain't first, your're last!"

- To join the team please click on "Join Team" in the table below.


- To donate to an individual walker click on their name below.


Team Shake n' Bake Raised
Top Mover! - $1,000 Level Shannon Cushing $1,025.00
Top Mover! - $250 Level Carol Cushing $325.00
Top Mover! - $250 Level Stephanie Cushing $250.00
Top Mover! - $500 Level Steve Cushing $500.00
Shayna Gearhart $25.00
Joie Giannini $0.00
Brooke Gregory $0.00
Jaime Kehoe $0.00
Ryan Martin $0.00
Mover's Circle - $100 Level Dustin Melchiorri $100.00
Jeff Short $25.00
Denotes a Team Captain