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Howdy From Brenda Bachman Weber

and Welcome to the Bachman Boosters Moving Day® Team Page!


Two years ago, I received a pm on Facebook from Robert Paul. He was a high school friend (hi Robert!) who was participating in a Moving Day event in Kansas City for a very close friend of his. Would I donate?


As many of you may know - or may not know – my dad has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for many years now. I’ve lived in Illinois since he was diagnosed, so I have not been part of his team at home who help him battle everyday life challenges. I do my best to help from afar.


So! I just couldn’t refuse when Robert asked me to support the Foundation that was providing my dad – AND mom and sibs and me - with GREAT resources, information and hope. Plus it was my way to help fight Parkinson’s for my dad! (Yeah, okay. So I wasn’t fighting it; but in my own small way I was doing my best to help those who are).


Last year I wanted to participate in a Moving Day event closer to Springfield. Guess what? Nada in Springfield; but, there was an annual Moving Day event in Minnesota. AWESOME! I watched for the 2017 dates to firm up, and asked my kids to come with me to be a team for Moving Day.


If you want to be part of team Bachman Boosters - because it's hip to B square - here are some suggestions on what you can do!


- To become a member of our team please select the 'Join Team' link.

- To donate or visit a team members personal page, please click on their name under the Team Roster.


-  Prayer support for a sunny day is also very welcome.


On behalf of my folks - Gene and Carolyn Bachaman - and the rest of the family, thank you for supporting us and the vital work of the National Parkinson Foundation.

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