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Jeaninne Wagner
Jeaninne Wagner

The Queen and her Court

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In March of 2015 Jeaninne Wagner was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, which is a progressive neurological disease for which there is no cure. In the US, 50-60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) are diagnosed each year, adding to the one million people who currently have PD.


In October 2015 we participated in Moving Day. We had over 40 walkers and raised over $40,000!!! We participated again in October 2016 and we had over 50 walkers and we raised over $35,000!


The past 2+ years have been incredibly difficult for her. She has severe swallowing problems and has lost over 25% of her body weight over the past 15 months. Most of you are aware that she had been having trouble breathing for the past month or so. It had gotten to the point where she could not walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. The difficulty breathing had contributed to several falls over a week’s time. The last fall put her in the hospital on May 1st on a ventilator. She now has a feeding tube and a trach which she will most likely have for the rest of her life. While this was shocking and was hard to accept for us, we now realize it is the best option for her. We are looking forward to her gaining weight and getting back to the active self she has always been. We have been told there have only been 7 other documented cases of stridor breathing in Parkinson’s. It is amazing how quickly her disease has progressed in just 2 years. Through it all she has maintained a positive outlook and remains determined to fight this difficult disease. Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, meals, and general support over the past couple weeks.


Jeaninne has spent most of her adult life helping others. Over the past 30 years, she has spent countless hours as a volunteer school nurse, volunteered for hospice services, the Ronald McDonald House at Duke, the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, and has served on the board of the Durham Chapter of the American Red Cross as well as volunteering at blood drives. Now she is asking for help from others by supporting her team, The Queen and Her Court, in the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) Moving Day Walk in Cary, NC. It is the first nationwide grassroots campaign that spotlights the disease on the national level and gives the chance to raise awareness and funds in our own community.


Over the years, Jeannine has been referred to by John as “The Queen”. We decided 2 years ago to go with the name The Queen and Her Court in representation of that. She truly is the Queen in our family, and we all are honored to be part of her court!


We would love for you to join us as a member of our team at the Walk this October. Even if you can’t make it to the event, we still encourage you to support us in any way you can. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. If you can find it in your heart to support this great cause with a donation in Jeaninne’s name, that would be appreciated as well.


- To become a member of The Queen and Her Court Team please select the “Join Team” link.

- To donate in Jeaninne’s name, click the “Donate” button or click on Jeaninne Wagner’s name on our Team Roster. 

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