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With Dad 2008

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Welcome to The Stedmuffins' Moving Day® Team Page!


By now you likely know that our Dad, Russ Stedman, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD) in February 2016.  Our family has chosen to take a proactive approach, to educate ourselves about PD and to do something about it.  That's why WE WANT YOU to join our epic team, the Stedmuffins, in support of the NPF -- the National Parkinson Foundation.


In addition to PD research, the NPF works to fund both quality, specialized medical treatment for needy PD patients -- helping those in need now -- as well as the development of consistent standards of care. There are nearly 9,000 patients enrolled in NPF's Parkinson's Outcomes Project -- the largest clinical study of PD in history with the aim of improving and standardizing treatment and care.  Research has shown that PD patients with access to a Neurologist who is a Movement Disorder Specialist typically have a higher quality of life and functionality, and for longer.  Our Dad is one of the lucky PD patients who has top tier PD care and treatment, and his symptoms are now far better managed than prior to his diagnosis.  We want all PD patients to have access to quality PD treatment!!  


SO JOIN OUR TEAM -- THE STEDMUFFINS! Come walk with us, our Mom, Jenn Stedman, and others whose lives are forever changed by the diagnosis of PD on May 7th in San Francisco.  We will be able to enjoy a variety of movement activities -- yoga, dance, Pilates, Tai Chi, boxing, stretching and much more.  If you'd like to physically be part of our team, the event is located at Justin Herman Plaza (San Francisco). Registration opens at 9:00am and the walk begins at 10:30am. Take BART with from the East Bay us or meet us there!


If you can't join us, we would appreciate whatever support you are able to provide, whether financial or otherwise.  If you do make a donation, please do so in support of one of the amazing members of our Team (yes, you will be amazed). Thank you for helping us reach our goal to support the vital work of the NPF. 

In the interest of full disclosure -- our Dad cannot be at the May 7th Moving Day event.  He previously made plans to travel and visit relatives he has not seen for several years.  He will redeem himself by attending the San Jose Moving Day event after he returns.


With gratitude, Julia and Jenna Stedman





- To become a member of our team please select the 'Join Team' link.

- To donate or visit a team members personal page please click on their name under the Team Roster.


Thank you for supporting us and the vital work of the National Parkinson Foundation.

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