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What's Shakin' - KP Team

Dean was officially diagnosed with Parkinson Disease about 5 years ago, but in looking back we now realize he had various symptoms for many years prior to receiving the diagnosis.  Since the time of diagnosis we have tried to educate ourselves and become involved in some Parkinson-related organizations.  One of the best things someone with Parkinson's can do is to stay physically active, which is what the Moving Day is all about. The day will highlight various types of exercise and activity geared toward those with Parkinson's and serve as a source of inspiration for patients, caregivers and family members of those with PD.


All funds raised stay within the National Parkinson Foundation, which is an organization aimed at making the quality of life better for those with PD.  Half the money stays within the local area and supports local programs, such as support groups and exercise programs.  Here in Lancaster, we are applying for an NPF sponsored grant which we hope to use to get a Parkinson boxing program off the ground.



Due to the generosity of our sponsors last year, our team raised almost $1600 and the walk itself raised almost $60,000!  Please consider joining us again this year for a fun-filled day!  Thank you for your support!


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Thank you for supporting us and the vital work of the National Parkinson Foundation.

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