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Parkinson's Champions 2023 Endurance Team Application


Thank you so much for your interest in running with the Parkinson's Champions in 2023! You can use this application to apply for as many races as you would like. 

If you change your mind later, just send us an email at

Would you like support filling out this application? Call or text us anytime at 763-317-1308 and we are happy to help.

PLEASE NOTE: This is our application for 2023 races. If that is not what you are looking for, please check out our 2024 Race Application or our 2025 Race Application or head back to for more information.



  1. After completing this form, Parkinson’s Champions staff will review your application and add you to our interest lists.
  2. Once registration opens for the race(s) you have applied for (assuming we have space) you will be sent a link to register your fundraising page. (For some races you will be required to pay a $5 fee to cover the shipping of your official singlet.)
  3. Depending on the race, you may be required to complete some initial fundraising before receiving your official entry to the race.
  4. You will be sent a link to claim your official race entry (bib). Your access to the race itself is not guaranteed until you have completed this step.
  5. You must complete the "Address Confirmation Survey" to receive your RunnerBox Welcome Kit & Parkinson's Champions Singlet (sent after registration).
  6. You will then have until 60 days after the race to complete your fundraising, or you may be charged for any remainder.
NOTE: Please make sure to monitor your junk/spam email folder to ensure you don't miss any important emails from us or the external race organizations. We encourage you to add "" to your email address book or contact list to help with this.


Contact Information

  • The login information you use/create now is what you will use to register your fundraising page when the time comes so make sure to store it somewhere safe.
  • By completing this application you will be automatically opted-in to receive Parkinson's Foundation emails. Please do not opt-out of these emails, as you may miss important race information. At some point soon you will be able to customize which Parkinson's Foundation emails you receive.


. If you have previously registered, please to prepopulate your information.
If you respond and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from Parkinson's Foundation.
Please enter a user name and password for logging in when you return. You can use this password to update your information or receive personalized content.
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Field Is Required Birth Date



Race Selection

First Choice Races: If we have space we will send you an invitation for all of these races, so please only select races you definitely hope to run.

Second Choice Races: We will only send you invitations for these if your first choice races are not available.

Field Is Required FIRST CHOICE RACES Please make between 1 and 2 selections from the choices below.
SECOND CHOICE RACES Please make between 1 and 2 selections from the choices below.


Race Length Selection 

If you are interested in running one of our races that offer multiple lengths, please specify this below.

Philly:                             Marathon, Half, 8k, Combo Challenges



Background Information

No more than a couple of sentences per question is needed



Preferred Communication Methods

Field Is Required Most of our general communication will come to you through email, but it is helpful to know your preferences when attempting to reach you directly. Please make between 1 and 5 selections from the choices below.




By completing this application, you are officially acknowledging that you understand and accept the following policies:


  • Once you have claimed your official race entry (bib) you are committing to raise the fundraising minimum amount listed for your particular race at by 60 days after the race or you may be charged for any remainder. You may be required to provide credit card information to be kept on file in a secured location.
  • For certain events, additional fundraising deadlines may apply to reach specific donation milestones prior to the race.
  • While some events offer an official deferral or cancelation processes, many do not. Once you have claimed your official race entry (bib), you may be responsible to meet the listed fundraising minimum, whether you are able to actually run the race or not. If you believe you may need to cancel or defer your entry (where available) it is your responsibility to contact Parkinson’s Champions staff in a timely manner.
  • All current races are run by outside organizations. The Parkinson’s Foundation purchases entries (bibs) from these organizations to provide to their fundraising runners. By registering for a race, you are agreeing to follow the policies of both the outside race organizations and the Parkinson’s Foundation.
  • While most of our official race partners are no longer requiring any coronavirus precautions (such as providing vaccination cards or wearing masks) we continue to carefully monitor all ongoing public health concerns. Please be aware that all external race organizations reserve the right to change their requirements at any time, and we may not be able to offer deferrals or cancelations if you are not able to meet those requirements.
  • Prior to race day, you will be required to complete a number of tasks by both the external race organizations and the Parkinson’s Foundation. It is your responsibility to monitor the email address you have provided here for important alerts and requests, and respond in a timely manner.
  • By completing a Parkinson’s Champions Endurance application, you consent to receive Parkinson’s Foundation emails through the email address you have provided to us (or future emails you provide). You must have at least 1 email address opted-in to always receive emails, while you are actively running with us, or on any of our waitlists. If you would like to be entirely removed from our lists, or change which email address we use for you, you must send a message to us at Using other opt-out links may not fully prevent you from receiving emails from us. Reach out to us if you would like help customizing the types of Parkinson’s Foundation newsletters you receive.

  • Race entries (bibs) for all official Parkinson’s Champions team events are owned by the Parkinson’s Foundation and can be revoked at any time if you fail to follow these policies.
  • Certain team perks and benefits are only available to runners with a mailing address within the United States. For international runners, alternative perks and benefits may be provided.

Please type your name below to confirm that you have reviewed and agree to these policies and any race details listed at

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