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“The youth volunteers were just great. They were so encouraging, I can't say enough about how important they were.”


"The best part was meeting people from other teams and wallowing in the joy of all of us walking together.  I also loved the music at the beginning of the walk and the cheerleaders along the way."


"I thought NPF did a wonderful job, especially for a first time walk.  The activities for the children were great.  My son has been involved in many walks/runs and said that the fruit, etc. that was made available was the best he's ever seen. My husband has Parkinson's, and I always wanted to participate in an event.  Thanks for doing this."


"Seeing the balloons that were released to represent those who passed away in the last year, was so touching. The sponsor signs were nice but the signs and t-shirts of family and friends walking in memory or in honor of Parkinson's patients were the most inspiring to see."


"I enjoyed the uplifting attitudes of participants who were Parkinson's patients. They were great!"


"I loved the kick off speech! And seeing all the different team t-shirts on walkers."


"Sharing the event with my family and friends was very rewarding. It’s a great feeling that we helped raise money for the cause!"


"Seeing People with PD complete the walk and seeing all the supportive family members was great!"


"I liked so many things about the walk – the team that had over 50 participants, the games, auctions, and items for sale, and of course the children's costumes!"


"As a walker, it was wonderful to see the PD community engaged in an upbeat community activity.  As a professional, the exhibit space provided an opportunity to share valuable knowledge with patients and their families. The Moving Day event allowed us to reach a large number of individuals and empower them with knowledge."


"Being able to walk inside Nationals Stadium on the track around the field was a great experience and we loved the enthusiasm and positive spirit of the walkers!"


"Seeing my Grandma participate in activities, such as Tai Chi, was really memorable, it was also great that there was an easy walk route and she could get around in her wheel chair."

(Nicole, Buffalo participant)


"My husband has Parkinson's disease and he was with us for Moving Day even though he could not do the walk. We had 20 people walking and we all had a great time. We even won for the best t-shirts and were on Channel 4 news! My grandchildren thought it was a big deal, they loved it."



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