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"It means supporting my loved one with Parkinson's and everyone else who has it or has suffered from it. Uniting as one to show we are all in this together and my sis is not the only one. To raise awareness and money to search for a cure." Moving Day® Chicago

"It's a day to remind all those who live w/ PD the importance of moving. Physical activity helps slow the progression of PD which many do not practice as they are discouraged or not aware. Moving Day® is a day to spread awareness and educate others. It's a powerful day.Moving Day® Boston

"As the Parkinson’s community continues to grow, so do the critical needs of individuals, like myself, who are affected by the disease. That is why the Moving Day® event, held in Chicago, and in cities across the nation, are so vitally important. They not only contribute the resources and funds needed for continuing research and care, but of equal importance, they inspire and bring together families, friends and communities in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. For me personally, that creates an empowering, nationwide-network of love and support." Moving Day® Columbus

"Moving Day® means a great deal to me as a nurse practitioner in neurology. It was a chance to give back to some very deserving folks whom I treat as my patients and their community." Moving Day® Phoenix

"Moving Day® means I am not alone in fighting Parkinsons. By helping and supporting each other, moving and exercising, we can share our message of hope." Moving Day® Miami


"It was a chance for me and several of my family members to do something positive and meaningful in memory of my mother who died of Parkinson's in 2004." Moving Day® Atlanta

"Moving Day® is an extremely important even to my family. We truly want to raise funds for the research of Parkinson's to find a way to make my step-dad's quality of life better in any way possible! We would love to see the day when a cure &/or prevention of the disease is discovered!" Moving Day® Rochester


"It means more to me that you may ever believe. My mom was diagnosed about 6 years ago. I have seen all of these fundraisers for other causes, and I have always been supportive in donating money to them. I am so grateful that there is an event to raise awareness and money for PD research. I created a donation page for my mom as a surprise.

"On the day of the event, I told her that I had raised over $600, which far surpassed my goal of $250! She was surprised and shocked at how much support we received...she was even bragging about me to her friends! THANK YOU for such a great event!" Moving Day® NC Triangle


"I found out my family is willing to contribute their resources and time for me and all others. It really brought us (brothers, sisters, children, nieces and nephews) together as a family. Thank you very much." Moving Day® Los Angeles


"Moving Day® helps get the word out that we may have Parkinson's but we still have strength to MOVE for a cure!!!" Moving Day® South Dakota


"Moving Day® was an amazing experience for me. It was my very first time attending it and I thought it was a great foundation for those individuals with Parkinson's. I am aware that these people don't have the abilities that I do and therefore I will continue helping these people." Moving Day® Miami

"My brother, who has Parkinson's, lives in Louisiana and has a huge FR every year. I am always unable to attend or donate, so Chicago Moving® Day allows me to contribute by raising funds." Moving Day® Chicago

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