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“Moving Day was very festive, it felt like a celebration. It showed PD in a positive way.  One of the best things about our experience with PD has been all the wonderful people we have met.”

“Being able to speak with other people who have PD really helped me to understand that they were going through the same problems that I experience.  It was the first time I ever opened up to anyone other than my family - extremely helpful!”

“Seeing families and friends come together and support the fight against this disease was the best part of the walk.”

“It was great to be able to have my brother-in-law walk with us since he was having a good day; we walked in his honor.  Our family reunited, tailgated, and enjoyed all of the activities. Getting our picture taken with a 3-week-old grandson to an 83-year-old grandpa all together for the same goal was awesome.”


“It was great to be able to get my mom out of the house and have something for her to do and enjoy.”


“The exhibits and entertainment were great!” 

 “I enjoyed the exercises at the beginning and end.  It was nice to hear a snippet or two from many of the local folks.  It was great to see my mother (fairly recently diagnosed) participating without reservation.  She has had a lot of trouble accepting the diagnosis and this was a big step.  She was right in there doing the exercises with a big smile!” 


“First of all you need a column marked “Excellent”, “Good” does not quite cover the extreme effort and pride shown by everyone there. The best thing for me was the team composed of members of the O.S.U Surgery team and nurses. I thought it was really cool they gave up their afternoon on a weekend to help us!”


“It was wonderful having both my daughters and grandson participating for such a great cause, and seeing my Neurologist there.”

“The atmosphere was energized  and community spirit palpable.”


“Some of the most memorable things about Moving Day were the Movement Pavilion, seeing Janet Reno show people how important this cause is, and most of all, seeing all the people support us to educate the community and help those affected by Parkinson's get the services they need.”


“I loved the warm up, but my favorite part was the Miami street band and following them on the walk.”


“Top three things I loved about the walk: (1) The kids were a 'kick'...really a great bunch. (2) good to see so many people participating (3) drinks and food were great – they were plentiful and welcome.”


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