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"Moving Day® is a chance to see and hear about all of the programs and opportunities that are offered in our community for those living with Parkinson's. It is a time of fellowship and sharing with those who are experiencing similar difficulties. I know I am not alone." Moving Day® Miami 2015 

"It was a great first experience for me as I was diagnosed this year with PD. We reached out to many family and friends and were overwhelmed by the generous support we received from everyone. It helped our family and I think it helped our friends to understand a little of what my experience is like having the disease.Moving Day® NC Triangle 2015 

"A fun and uplifting event to raise awareness and funds for those touched by Parkinson's disease." Moving Day® Atlanta 2015

"My father has Parkinson's Disease and he was able to join the event. Seeing him participate in the movement tent activities with a huge smile on his face, was the best part of this day for me! He couldn't do the full walk, but did walk the first hundred feet or so, which was awesome. I like how many resources were available at the event and the activities were wonderful. Will definitely be more involved in the future!" Moving Day® Boston 2015

"Great event for children, teens and grown ups to come together to help raise not only funds but awareness." Moving Day® Rochester 2015


"It was a very encouraging event for me. I have PD and my family initiated and organized our participation in the event. Our team raised over $18,000! And we had over 30 people attend the walk event. I was so blown away by this...so encouraged to keep up the hard work of fighting the PD." Moving Day® Chicago 2015

"It means that there is a way to celebrate my mother's life after her death, and to help a cause that meant everything to her, because she suffered from Parkinson's for many years before she died. It means that I and my mother's surviving relatives can be better educated about PD. It means that there is hope for the future for those living with PD, today. My family hopes to make this a yearly thing." Moving Day® Los Angeles 2015


"We participate in Moving Day® in support of my mom who is struggling with PD. She has received much help from the programs provided by NPF funded through Moving Day. It is very important to us to continue to attend and provide our support, even when she is unable (as was the case already this year)." Moving Day® Columbus 2015


"Moving Day® means my family coming together to publicly support my father. It means PD is more normalized for my Dad and him being more comfortable with his symptoms and not feeling alone in his battle." Moving Day® DC 2015


"A happy time of sharing and knowing that one is supporting a good cause while raising money for the National Parkinson Foundation Minnesota in order for them to reach out to all PD patients through research, support and various programs." Moving Day® Twin Cities 2015


"It means a lot. One of my closest friends has early onset Parkinson's, and it's very important to me to become more involved in understanding and fighting Parkinson's." Moving Day® San Francisco 2015


"Moving Day meant a lot to my family. My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about two years ago and it was not until Moving Day that we had the opportunity to meet other people and families who are affected by Parkinson's." Moving Day® Tampa Bay 2015


"I have reached out to people, both very near and some far away. I have begun to tell  my personal story, about how the National Parkinson Foundation has made a difference for me, and the celebration and hope that is represented by Moving Day®. It has been like seeing a new world. It is the web of support from the kindness of people coming forward with their support. It has meant new friendships and friendships deepened. It is new connections with others who have Parkinson's and expressing our kinship, ironically made possible through disease. And finally this journey has connected me in a very personal way to those who are working on our behalf to better understand Parkinson's as well as to find new solutions. This is what Moving Day® has come to mean for me." Moving Day® Silicon Valley 2015

"Brings awareness to Parkinson's disease. My mother has been fighting the disease for over 13 years and this is the first time she wanted to participate in any kind of Parkinson's event." Moving Day® Los Angeles 2015

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