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"My father has had Parkinson's for 15 years and "moving" is so critical to his physical and mental well being. It meant that I could help create a family memory and activity that would bring us all together for recognition of his progress." Moving Day® North LA County 2016

"It is comforting to know there are people trying to make your life easier. It is good to see everybody together with family and friends.  It is a feel good day.Moving Day® Chicago 2016 

"Moving Day provides support for those with Parkinsons as well as their caretakers, friends and family members.  It also educates everyone on issues affecting those with Parkinsons, as well as the resources available in the community to deal with these issues and challenges." Moving Day® Columbus 2016

"It means raising awareness and having resources available for people like my dad. And an overwhelming feeling of happiness to have him walk with me." Moving Day® Miami 2016

"This was my first Moving Day and I will definitely be back next year! I made a commitment to my neurologist and PT that we would meet for the 5k!  It was a very emotional day for me. As we were nearing the finish line of the walk, I started to think of all the family and friends who were there with me. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as we finished . And I could not believe I was so emotional. It was a personal victory. I will never forget that experience. Thank you!" Moving Day® DC 2016


"An event that inspires and helps make it easier for me to live with PD. It is awe inspiring to join the walk and turn around and see the mass of people who are like me and my family, living with the challenges of PD and caregiving. Makes me realize I am not alone with this adventure called PD." Moving Day® Twin Cities 2016

"I have Parkinson's and I feel Moving Day brings individuals (friends and family) together to not only support the foundation but also supports the individual who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's.  Not only do families benefit from all the Foundation offers but it makes the individual with PD realize they have the support and love of friends and family and are not alone on this walk."  Moving Day® Rochester 2016


"Raising awareness about Parkinson's, about how activity can help symptoms, and supporting my dad through his PD journey. It's a great help to see so many other families, resources, and research organizations in one place!" Moving Day® Boston 2016


"A time for friends and family to show support to our loved one who is suffering from Parkinson's." Moving Day® NC Triangle 2016


"A great way for the surrounding community to come together and bring awareness to the resources available for people with PD." Moving Day® Los Angeles 2016


"Being a person with PD, I want to help as much as I can to help others with PD to have a better quality of life." Moving Day® DFW 2016


"An opportunity to stimulate awareness of Parkinson's to the public, chance to talk with other Parkinsonians about how we live with the disease solving the mysteries of it and how we feel, feel the power of a crowd of folks with a positive attitude about, PD, raise funds for NPF." Moving Day® Tampa Bay 2016


"Moving Day gives us, as a family, a chance to visibly show my step-father how much we appreciate him and want to support him in his battle with Parkinson's disease.  He is a proud man who doesn't like extra help or special attention so we often just sit by and watch him struggle until he asks for help. This day allows us to openly show him how much we care about him and want to beat this disease for him!" Moving Day® Rochester 2016

"This was my first Moving Day. I broke my toe the night before and I could have stayed home. In some pain, our three person team walked the entire route. I was exhausted but very happy to have been part of the event  Why-doing something positive is far better than sitting home. It lifted my spirit of hope." Moving Day® Buffalo

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