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Moving Day® is an inspiring fundraising event across the country. It brings the community together as teams made up of families, friends and co-workers walk united in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. They not only raise funds but also, and crucially, awareness for Parkinson's disease.

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Join us by registering as a captain and 'Start a Team' or you can choose to 'Join a Team' that has already registered. It doesn't matter how big your team is, let's MOVE together as people who move change the world®! Lead the way and recruit your friends, family and co-workers to join you in helping improve the lives of those living with Parkinson's.

Need some help to get started? Here are some Moving Day® Team ideas and fundraising tips!


Friends & Family Teams


Friends & Family Team Page Banner2.fw.pngUnite friends, family and others in your community to raise awareness and funds in honor of someone affected by Parkinson's disease. Learn more


Corporate Teams


Friends & Family Team Page Banner.fw.pngMake it a team day out with your co-workers!  MOVE together away from the workplace for a great cause! Learn more


National Teams


Our Moving Day® National Team Program provides another option, in addition to sponsorship, for companies and their employees to show their commitment to their communites whilst supporting and helping raise awareness for Parkinson's disease.


It's also a great way for a company to encourage team building, volunteering, fun and offers a great opportunity for nationwide exposure.


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For more information on becoming a Moving Day® National Team, please contact Kayln Henkel, Senior National Manager of Signature Events, at or 858-232-6457.


Note: If you are registering a team that is affiliated with a National or local company please make sure to select the company name from the 'Team Company' dropdown during the registration process.



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  1. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Shake it Off - Support Stephanie - $69,717.35
  2. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Pops' Peeps - $25,439.00
  3. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Wuliger team and family - $15,698.00
  4. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Shaking Not Stirred (PDers with a Twist) - $11,980.00
  5. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Rock Steady All Stars - $11,761.00
  6. Zero Mile - $11,292.91
  7. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level USF Parkinson's Posse - $10,481.00
  8. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Neuro Blasters - $10,170.00
  9. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level The Stedmuffins - $9,325.00
  10. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Rock Steady Boxing Tampa Bay - $8,995.00
  11. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Team Impax - $8,518.00
  12. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Team Ham - $8,010.00
  13. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Shake It Up Baby! (SF PD Support Gp) - $7,828.00
  14. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Team Papa Caron - $7,630.00
  15. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Neuroboxing - $5,830.00
  16. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Venice YMCA PFP - $5,770.00
  17. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Carolyn's Cruisers - $5,120.00
  18. Team on the Move! - $5,000 Level Parkinson Beaters Movement Believers - $5,120.00
  19. Team on the Move! - $2,500 Level Edward Jones-Kent Donley - $4,910.00
  20. Raj Jauhar - $4,720.00
  21. Team on the Move! - $2,500 Level Shakin' Not Stirred - $4,520.00


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Find a Team


Looking for a team? Just enter their name in the box below and click search.


Start a Team


• Visit the Register page to find a walk near you.

• Once you have selected your walk, from the event page choose the 'Start a Team' button and give your Team a name, company affiliation (if applies), and type.


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