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  1. Gordon Beckham - $52,000.00
  2. Mindy McIlroy - $50,303.53
  3. Edwin Levy - $49,916.00
  4. Sherwin Zuckerman - $42,192.31
  5. James Monhart - $41,975.00
  6. Andy Albert - $40,645.00
  7. Scott Rider - $44,006.45
  8. Alberto Dosal - $36,915.00
  9. Jeaninne Wagner - $23,930.00
  10. Roberto Palenzuela - $12,640.00

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  1. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Team Terranova - $53,350.86
  2. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Team Beckham - $52,600.00
  3. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Team Albert - $51,605.00
  4. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Team Levy - $49,916.00
  5. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Monhart's Movers - $48,945.00
  6. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Team Zuckerman - $46,569.31
  7. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Team LOU - $43,720.00
  8. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Scott Rider's Runners - $46,606.45
  9. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level The Queen and her Court - $42,855.00
  10. Team on the Move! - $10,000 Level Team Kozyak & Reno - $23,905.00

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Taking place in cities across the United States, Moving Day® is your chance to speak up about Parkinson’s disease and move others to take action. It is a movement for change—towards more awareness, more funding, and more understanding of a disease that affects so many of our family and friends.


We use movement as a symbol of hope and progress because of its essential role in treating Parkinson’s. So choose to move any way you can by walking, stretching or doing yoga in our signature Movement Pavilion. Every move you make and every penny you raise will bring us closer to beating Parkinson’s! Learn more…




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Moving Day Montage!

Raising awareness, raising funds. Sometimes in rain, sometimes sun! Check out our slideshow from our Moving Day® 2014 events! Were you there? Were you captured MOVING that day? View now!



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Moving Day® Recruitment Video

Watch and share our inspirational Moving Day® recruitment video. Join the movement today! View here!






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Find a Moving Day® team to support.




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