-Moving Day Chicago 2012-


Haley Lelah of team MOVING FOR MOM:


Last year, my siblings and I decided to lead a team for the first ever Moving Day Chicago after our Mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in early 2012. We were humbled by the love and support we received from our family and friends and they were instrumental in making the event an incredible success! However, we found out quickly that there is only so much you can ask and expect from your friends and family. We wanted to come up with an idea where our friends and family could donate to our cause while receiving something in return for their generosity. 


Along these lines is where we came up with the idea to throw a small fundraising happy hour a month before the 2012 Moving Day event in October. A friend of ours had a connection with a local bar that agreed to host our event. We had a few different elements and options for our fundraising that evening which allowed people to donate in different ways. Our first activity consisted of what the bar called a “power hour”. This “power hour” lasted from 7pm-8pm and of every drink bought within that hour, 100% of the proceeds went directly to our fundraising efforts. The second fundraising opportunity was a 3 hour all–you-can-drink bracelet deal in which 1/3 of the proceeds from each bracelet sold went to our fundraising efforts. This directly followed the one hour “power hour”.  


Additionally, we conducted a raffle in which we were able to provide prizes donated by local Chicago merchants. Since each raffle prize was donated, 100% of the money raised for the raffle tickets went straight to our Moving Day team. When asking businesses for donations, we found that it was important to have all the necessary tax information readily available (such as the Tax ID number, etc.) so the businesses can easily see their donation as a write-off but it also gives legitimacy to your solicitation. 


Lastly, we had a connection with a local Jimmy Johns where we were lucky enough to have the bar allow us to bring in donated food for the happy hour. The event was not only a huge success but it was also a lot of fun. We were able to raise over $1,200 and it was a great way to get our friends, family and community involved in our attempt in finding a cure for Parkinson’s!



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