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To benefit the Parkinson's Foundation South Palm Beach County Chapter

Moving Day® 2016 Recap

*** We want to thank our Team Captains, Walkers and Supporters for the incredible response in allowing us to raise over $97,000 for Moving Day® Boca Raton 2016! On behalf of our planning committee and NPF, we are thrilled with our 2016 achievements and are looking forward to 2017! People Who Move Change The World. *** 

Save the Date for next year!

We are working hard to secure the location and date for Moving Day® 2017 and hope to announce it soon!


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For the most up-to-date information on Moving Day® and to see what’s happening locally, please visit and follow us on Facebook Facebook.


Questions? Contact our chapter at or on 561-962-1702. We love hearing from you!



About Moving Day®

MD Boca Interim page small picMoving Day® is more than just a walk. It highlights “movement” and exercise as a symbol of hope and progress because of its essential role in treating Parkinson’s disease. Each event features our unique Movement Pavilion, with stations such as yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, dance and much more. Whether you take part on a team or join as an individual, you’ll get a chance to move with thousands of supporters who share a common goal — to help beat Parkinson’s.


To learn more about the impact you are making through your participation in Moving Day®, click here.


Join the Local Planning Committee


Moving Day® would not be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers who help plan the event. Our Local Planning Committee meets to discuss event logistics, team recruitment and fundraising. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us today at or on 561-962-1702.

Contact Us


Robin Miller, Executive Director
Boca Grove Center, 21301 Powerline Road, Boca Raton, FL 33433 | 561-692-1702 |



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Community Impact

Want to learn more about where your donor $ goes?

For information on local programs funded through your local Moving Day®, please click here.


Moving Day® Boca Raton
78 percent of goal achieved.

Number of Teams: 42

Number of Walkers: 351


Top Ten Teams:

  1. Gregg's Gang - $17,514.00
  2. The Fighting Swords - $14,815.00
  3. Team Lorraine - $9,311.00
  4. Team Knock Out Parkinsons - $9,217.00
  5. Team Judy Kaufman - $4,566.00
  6. The "Dope" Amines - $3,310.00
  7. jacks friends and family - $2,586.00
  8. BEEBA1 - $2,366.00
  9. Premier Therapy Solutions - $2,240.00
  10. Migdalia's Angels - $2,080.00



Top Ten Walkers:

  1. Ciaran Swords - $10,300.00
  2. Pam Cender - $5,630.00
  3. Judy Kaufman - $3,971.00
  4. Lorraine Sanders - $3,261.00
  5. Michael Hecht - $2,740.00
  6. Kimberly Rogers - $2,115.00
  7. Gregg Sobel - $1,971.00
  8. Ira Davis - $1,706.00
  9. Tanya Miller - $1,640.00
  10. Cindy Sobel - $1,556.00